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Sword Of The Stranger Anime Review. 15) anime limited has, for some time now, been bringing a diverse range of anime series and films to the uk and in celebration of its tenth anniversary, it is bringing the classic bones story, sword of the stranger.this movie, available now, tells the tale of a nameless ronin/yojimbo, protecting his young charge, and fighting against a multitude of foes headed. Action adventure animes come in good quantites and sword of the stranger is a better than average one.

sword of the stranger anime review
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Actually, this anime is a very realistic animation with nothing too out of the ordinary or unbelievable happening. Ah yes, so a few days ago i had the pleasure of watching the anime ‘sword of the stranger‘ and what a show that was, being a single standalone movie (as in no, there isn’t a series) i honestly didn’t expect that much from it (as they tend to often lack character development and seem rushed) but i was never happier to be wrong.

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All rights belong to their respective owners. Among the mings is a fiercesome western fighter named rarou, who desires only to find a worthy opponent.

Sword Of The Stranger Anime Review

I watched this movie the day after watching redline and i have to say i was actually pretty disappointed.In a very brief scene, we see the young boy and the man urinating, we see both of their ‘streams’.In fact i can that was the best full length anime movie ive seen since.Is that, sword of the stranger is one of the few decent anime films about samurai.

It excels in animation, the soundtrack is very memorable and fitting, the characters are intriguing throughout as we yearn to discover more about them and the story should keep you interested all the through.It is movie which is not an adaptation, has no manga or novel behind it and is not part of a franchise.It presents a straightforward story, solid pacing, amazing art direction, and the cast brings a great amount of energy to everything.It was literally a unstoppable slaughter.

It’s safe to say that if you enjoyed anime films such as ninja scroll you’re going to love this one.Kotarou, a boy on the run from the royal army of china’s ming dynasty, happens upon a wandering samurai with no name.Most of this scene is shot from in front of the boy, from the waist up, but nothing explicit is shown.My boyfriend cannot get enough of it.

My jaw literally dropped on action sequences.No weird super powers, no esp, no technology.One man wipes out whole squad of bandits with just with his sword fighting skill.Padahal dari segi cerita dan teknik sinematografi tidak kalah bila dibandingkan dengan anime genre lain dengan teknik cgi ataupun film wuxia biasa.

Pursued by formidable chinese assassins, young kotaro and his dog run into no.Read reviews on sword of the stranger on crunchyroll.Since then, i have been craving for that special movie to raise the bar for quality anime.Still, if none of this plot sounds familiar to you, sword of the stranger will entertain.

Summary hunted by the mings from china, young kotaro and his dog meet a nameless samurai (nanashi) who is constantly being haunted by dreams of the past which lead him to seal his sword.Sword of the stranger (uk rating:Sword of the stranger august 29, 2012 by mike ferreira the samurai drama has become a bit of a rarity in recent years, especially in anime.Sword of the stranger has been a favorite at home for a long time now.

Sword of the stranger is a good adventure that follows the likes of rurouni kenshin and ninja scroll a little too closely to bring any surprises.Sword of the stranger is a riveting action flick.Sword of the stranger is a unique stand alone experience sword of the stranger is one of the rare instances with anime films.Sword of the stranger is a visually very well made anime movie.

Sword of the stranger is beautiful.Sword of the stranger is overall a brilliant film.Sword of the stranger tells the tale of a wandering swordsman who is hired to protect a small boy being chased by an elite group of foreign commandos.Sword of the stranger termasuk diantara anime layar lebar genre wuxia berkualitas yang lewat tanpa terdengar jejaknya di indonesia.

The animation in sword of the stranger is quite good.the studio behind this film’s visuals, bones, the same animation studio behind cowboy bebop:The animation is gorgeous, it sports some of the best fight choreography that exists in the medium, as i already knew before watching it, but what i didn’t realize is how incredibly consistant it would be.The animation is great and a lot of effort has been put into detail and beautiful backgrounds, which really adds to the overall atmosphere.The bloody violence may seem over the top at times, but that’s also true of live action samurai epics.

The movie, wolf’s rain, the two animated fullmetal alchemist films, the prototype short from halo legends, rahxephon, and the universally popular my hero academia series and films, really flexes their talent here, as it’s a beautiful film to.The soundtrack of the movie is great, and is in my opinion probably the thing that stands out most in.This classic tale from studio bones is a hidden gem of its time!Tomoya nagase and yuri chinen carry the film most of the way.

Well its not that great in reality.While the plot could have easily walked down the road of imparting great “hidden messages” in its dialogue, it avoided that cliche path and i am pretty thankful for that.