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Sub Vs Dub Anime Poll. (1) “i only watch subbed or raw anime.” *raw was included to account for japanese viewers or people who speak japanese. (2) “i only watch dubbed anime.” *by dubbed, i mean english dubbed.

sub vs dub anime poll
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(2) “i only watch dubbed anime.” *by dubbed, i mean english dubbed. (3) i watch the subbed version first then try out the dub.” “i usually don’t like the dub.

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(3) i watch the subbed version first then try out the dub.” “i usually don’t like the dub. 1) dub 2) sub 3) both the result from this kind of poll is basically useless.

Sub Vs Dub Anime Poll

But i’ll watch the subs if it’s a show i’ve been waiting for (persona/megaten is one of those).Cowboy bebop, the big o,.Designing a good set of poll questions is not as easy as which one do you prefer?Dub is short for dubbing.

Dub vs sub (straw poll version) (0) “i do not watch anime.”.Dub vs sub (straw poll version) (1) “i only watch subbed or raw anime.” *raw was included to account for japanese viewers or people who speak japanese.Dubbing is the voice over in an anime.Even if it was a simuldub like dr3 or citrus was i’d do the same (watch sub then dub).

For me i grew up on the 4kids dub which despite butchering a lot of the original dialogue showed a lot of heart though after tpci took over the dub quality drastically diminished making some scenes.Glad that rosario vampire and vampire knight are being dubbed ^^I don’t like the wording of the poll.I like watching an anime in japanese.

I prefer dub but i do watch sub animes (if i have to) i watched rosario+vampire,vampire knight (& guilty) and a couple.I recommend dub bc they do a good job with it, and you’ll be able to watch all the cool stuff without having to worry about reading text at bottom of screen.I want to know how many of you support dub and how many support sub.I’ve seen the whole season subbed and dubbed.

If cs1 and 2 didn’t have extra voices in en compared to jp i’d have trouble picking tbh.If you don’t mind about that though or aren’t likely to notice than just pick whichever you like, though i personally love the delivery in the sub especially in recent seasonIn my biased opinion (i watched the dub first), you should go with the dub.In terms of quality, i’d say both are pretty equal overall.

It’s a matter of preferences.I’m really curious about what the general watching preferences are for people over here.J/k but still a very serious topic for anime fans.Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums,.

Last edited over a year ago.Luckily p4 was already dub when i was introduced to the series in 2015, yea i’m watching citrus too in dubMore people watch dubs, but most of those people aren’t part of the anime community so any poll will always favor subs.Of love hina eps in sub.

Of the anime that i prefer over the manga, which do you like best?Of the manga i prefer of over the anime, which do you like best?On myanimelist, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world!Out of my top ten favorite female anime characters, who is your favorite?

Pokémon anime sub vs dub!Posted over a year ago.Preferences for acting aside, the dub script for the first season at least has a few issues which introduces at least one plot hole and also mixes up some details.Read the topic about do you prefer dub or sub?

Seriously, the english dub and sub are neither superior nor inferior from each other.Start date may 6, 2010;Sub is short for subtitles.Subtitles are the words that appear at the bottom of the screen during an anime or even live action.

That’s why you may hear “english dub” or “japanese dub.” so the question here is.The amount of people who only watch dragon ball is massive (in the millions), and they watch it dubbed.The dub was good too though.The sub really drawn me into the watching the anime and i really enjoy learning new languages also so that’s partially my reason and the seiyuu (s) were really great!

There are more people on this sub that play dub over sub, that much has been made clear in the past from different polls.There are several animes where i like the dub more than the sub.Ultimate ninja storm 3 playstation 3Usually i’ll just wait for an anime to be dubbed tho, usually with simuldubs i’ll just watch the dub instead.

Yes, the dub aired before the sub, a rarity that inclined us to choose the english version of the series.Zeppie posted over a year ago.